Feb 23

I think JBL John Bradshaw Layfield should be in the WWE Hall of fame 2017

I think WWE should induct JBL John Bradshaw Layfield in the WWE hall of fame this year 2017. John Bradshaw  Layfield is one of the best wrestlers. he wrestled some of the best wrestlers and  has victories over some of them  , John Cena, Undertaker , Triple H, Shawn Michaels.  when JBL was the WWE champion he held the belt longer than anybody while on SmackDown, Smackdown’s longest reigning WWE champion.  JBL held just about all the major championships, the WWE heavyweight championship, the interconteintal champion , the united states championship, the tag team championships with Farooq Ron Simmons the great tag Team APA  . JBL is also a great Smackdown commentator , he knows what going on in the ring because he wrestled in about every type of match. JBL knows all the wreslting history and all the wreslting information he keeps up to date on all the current wrestlers and JBL is funny on commentary !   I think this should be  JBL’s year to make the  WWE Hall of fame !
















JBL  the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown  history and is a Smackdown Commentator


JBL announcing smackdown




Feb 23

Boogie DeMarcus Cousins traded to New Orleans Pelicans . Tyreke Evans returing to Sacramento kings in the trade

Boogie DeMarcus Cousins. is now a New Orleans Pelican  player . The Sacramento kings traded DeMarcus to the Pelicans. DeMarcus played in Sacramento and was an All Star player  in Sacramento . DeMarcus  gave  back to the Sacramento community  he donated time and money.  DeMarcus played tough in Sacramento and  has a lot of talent  his down side is his temper and he needs to  control him self  . he was suspended for too my technical fouls he complains to the referees and argues about calls which doesn’t help it hurts the team infact. now  DeMarcus is a Pelican after 7 seasons in Sacramento. maybe this will be a fresh start for Boogie and he will find success .


NBA: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves












one of the players the Sacramento  kings get in return for the DeMarcus Cousins trade is  a familiar face Tyreke Evans played for Sacramento kings in 2009 til 2013 then he went to the New Orleans Pelicans now he comess back to Sacramento in the DeMarcus Cousins trade. While Tyreke  played for the kings he was the rookie of the year.  Tyreke comes back to the kings with  lots more experience  and he is comfortable in this city. this could be a positive move going forward, time will tell .


tyreke evans







Feb 16

Carney Lansford and Diamond Dallas Page to make appearace meet & greet at Stockton Ports 2017

The Stockton Ports always have great promotions . they have great give a-ways  like  free shirt  Friday . The ports have always been so great at getting big name sports stars  at coming to games for meet and greets and autographs appearances  with the fans.  This  year will  be great too , the  Stockton Ports will have 2 celebrity meet and greet autograph signings 1  with Oakland A’s great  Carney Lansford . Carey Lansford was the great 3rd baseman for the Oakland A’s and was an All Star player and won the 1989 world series with the A’s when the A’s swept the Giants   Lansford is one of the all time Oakland A’s players  Carney Lansford will be at the game to sign autographs and meet and greet with fans  June 4 2017 .






































Pro Wrestling great WWE / WCW great Diamond Dallas Page will be at the Stockton Ports game June 30 2017  Diamond Dallas Page was the WCW champion and  tag team champion . Diamond Dallas  Page had a great finishing move the Diamond cutter. Diamond Dallas PAge wrestled against some of the best  like Undertaker Hulk Hogan Sting  Ric Flair.  Diamond Dallas Page is one of wreslting’s all time greats.



Feb 9

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 blog podcast DJ Mixes and Shout outs from my favorite sports people

I have a DJ Mix from Hot 1035   and some shout outs from my favorite sports personalities and my favorite people in sports


hot 1035 logo new 1









DJ sign















The late great Dennis Green when he was headcoach of the Vikings.  Dennis Green   was also apart of the  Bill Walsh’s coaching staff and won the super bowl as a coach when the 49ers were so good !!


Bears v Vikings















Oakland A’s hall of famer pitcher and 1989 world series champion and MVP  Dave Stewart . he was a shut down pitcher  he threw lots of strike outs. Dave Stewart also  won the world series with  the Toronto  Blue Jays


Dave Stewart


















R Truth  has been in  WWE  and has had a successful career .  he has held the tag team championship with kofi  kingston and has won the united states champion R truth is a smart WWE Vetran and is always picking up wins on WWE Raw with  his tag team partner now  a days Goldust .

R truth















Willie Brown  making an interception taking it back for a touchdown in the Super Bowl the Raiders  won Hall of famer Willie Brown



willie Brown Raiders super bowl


















Willie Brown Raiders player super bowl champion and  Hall of famer and Raiders  coach


willie Brown


Feb 9

Kyle Shanahan new headcoach of the 49ers

Kyle Shanahan is the new head coach of the 49ers .  I think this is a great thing to  have Kyle Shanahan as the 49ers head coach . Kyle Shanahan is a young bright guy.  one of the best  quotes I heard is  that Shanahan  say’s he studied X’s and O’s his whole life  so his goal is that any player that walks up to him and has a question about something on the filed, he can  answer any question that players has !  if the Shanahan name sound familiar to you it should  Kyle ‘s dad is  Mike  Shanahan who was head coach of the Broncos and won Super Bowls as the Denver Broncos head coach  and  Mike was  Raiders head coach  and  was the Redskins head coach . Mike Shanahan was also and offensive coordinator coach and quarterbacks coach.  Mike Shanahan was  offensive  coordinator and quarterback coach when the 49ers had  Joe Montana and Steve Young playing quarterback.  The season the 49ers and  Steve Young won the super Bowl  and beat the Chargers  , Mike Shanahan was  a coach on that team. Kyle has been on his dad’s coaching staff  . Learning from Mike  Shanahan  Kyle’s dad is a big thing Mike Shanahan is a winner. so I think  Kyle knows what it takes. When Mike Shanahan was offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the 49ers  Kyle was a kid and would be the 49ers ball boy .  Kyle  is just coming off a great season with the Atlanta Falcons  . Under Kyle Shanahan being the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator  the Falcons just made the super Bowl . Kyle is a bright young guy he is 37 years old .  I think Kyle has some great knowledge and experience he will have the respect of the the players and we’ll see how the draft ends up and who the 49ers draft and see  how Kyle Shanahan will build a great offense for the 49ers.  I hope Tom Rathman he was super bowl champion as a player with  the 49ers he was a fullback .   and Tom Rathman has been 49ers running backs coach for quite somethime  I hope Tom Rathman is retained on Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff  .  I think the 49ers can re build this team and things will be looking up in 49ers land. Go  49ers


Kyle Shanahan and his Dad  Mike Shanahan . Kyle has learned from his dad who was a very success headcoach for many years and super bowl champion  winner .


Resdkins Training Camp Ashburn, VA





















Kyle Shanahan with the Atlanta Falcons. Kyle was the offensive coordinator for the  Falcons who just played in the super bowl



Kyle Shanahan falcons 2
























Feb 9

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 halftime show one of the best in recent memory .

Lady Gaga performed at Super Bowl 51  halftime show. she sang Papparazi , and Poker face, Just dance. she sang all her great songs. Lady Gaga did a great tribute to America and said the Pledge of Alleigance and Lady Gag was very classy she was very entertaining her songs made me get up and dance at home when I was watching the  halftime show . I liked Lady Gaga’s entrance she came down from the roof she jump from the top of the stadium she had wires like she was flying it was pretty cool , I like Lady Gaga’s wardrobe she looked pretty she looked great. Way to   go Lady Gaga on a well done entertaining fun super bowl half time show  .  below are picture of Lady Gaga’s halftime show  at super bowl 51 .



Lady Gaga was Super Bowl 51  halftime  show

Lady gaga NFL shirt
















Lady Gaga made her entrance and was flying through the air she was attached to wires but it was still cool  she did that

Lady Gaga super 51

Feb 9

National Pizza day

happy National Pizza day. Pizza is one of my favorite  foods so I wanted to tell everybody go get a slice of pizza and enjoy . I like pepperoni pizza .  I like round table pizza I know CostCo has good pizza and WinCo store has good pizza Leonardi’s pizza is good. so enjoy that pizza today for national pizza day !!



Feb 2

The Big Game Pick Phillip from Galt


hot dog









enjoy your pizza hot dogs  soda chips and the Super bowl parties and your family and friends

super bowl party















The Lombardi Trophy


















Lady Gaga performing the Super Bowl halftime show


Lady Gaga













Lady Gaga singing













Feb 2

Sacramento Sports hall of fame Derrek Lee interview and Stacy Dragila pole vault olympic champion










The Sacramento Sports hall of fame was a great night .  We had a lot of fun listening to  the hall of famer’s speeches and hearing their stories and their journeys to success  and we got to mingle and meet the hall of famers. I met Derrek Lee major league baseball player he played with  The San Diego  Padres , Atlanta Braves , Chicago  cubs, in 2003 Derrek Lee played for the the Florida Marlin and won the world series with the Marlins  Derrek also played with Baltimore Oriole and for the Pittsburgh Pirates .  Derrek Lee won 3 gold gloves he hit some big home runs in his career and was an all star players, here is my interview with  Derrek  Lee at the Sacramento sports hall of fame


me and Derrek Lee major league baseball player he played for the Cubs the  Marlins the Braves , Padres and won the world series in 2003 while with the  Florida Marlins


me and Derrek Lee

















Derrek Lee while playing with the Chicago Cubs





















Also I met Stacy Dragila , she attended Placerville high school, she is very nice, when she was in high school there was no womens pole vaulting.  Stacy learned about Pole Vaulting and there was no stopping her, she worked hard and practiced hard , she won gold at the Olympics and  currently she does her Stacy Dragila Pole Vaulting camps and she goes to school and introduces the kids to the pole they get a chance to play with the pole and the kids love it. so  if you would love to  get a hold of Stacy Dragila and have her come to your school and introduce the kids to a new activity and get exercise all while having fun look up  Stacy Dragila camps   Stacy Dragila is very nice


here is a picture of Stacy Dragila pole Vaulting she is an Olympics gold medal champion


Stacy Dragila pole Vault





















Stacy Dragila and me  at the Sacramento Sports hall of fame


me and Stacy Dragila

Feb 2

John Cena one of Wrestling WWE All time greats. ties Ric Flair 16x championships at Royal rumble 2017

at Royal Rumble January 2017 John Cena became a 16x heavyweight champion. Congratulations to the Champ. John Cena is one of the all time greats. and you have to respect the guy. he shows us to all his appearances he shows up to Raw , Samckdown and televised and non televised show and wrestling matches. John Cena is a work horse. He is classy and I am a big John Cena fan. I say Let’s Go Cena at the wrestling matches  I go to.  winning 16 championships in anything is hard work. John Cena wins big matches and over comes the odds .  John Cena doesn’t complain he goes to work.  he’s wrestled some of the best  like Triple H Ric Flair , Kurt Angle Batista Big show , Undertaker , John Cena love WWE loves his fans.  he gives back to the community .  John Cena is very chairitable. He’s given back to Make -a -wish and make a wish kids and adults going through major sickness.  Cena has granted over hundreds of make  a wish  wishes.  Cena is one of the best he doesn’t quit and give up.  even JBL calls John Cena big Match John  , because John Cena eventually wins big matches even if he  lost a match to someone before he’s determined to come and beat his opponett the next time.   Congratulations John Cena I am one of your fans and respect you and like you and you have a lots more fans that love you and root for you.  congratulations to John Cena tying Ric Flair one of the greatest too and John Cean says the champ is here  !  – from Phillip from Galt


John Cena US champion













John Cena became the 16x heavyweight champion  ! this is John Cena when he won the United States champion at WrestleMania 31 at Levis Stadium  in Santa Clara , CA 2015


Bradley and John Cena Layla and sheamus

















John Cena has granted hundreds and hundred of  make a wish  wishes this is my friend Bradley in front with John Cena LayLa  and Sheamus  at WreslteMania it was Bradley wish to go to WrestleMania and meet the wrestlers. this is at a party for make a wish   John Cena is classy and loves  his fan  !

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