Why having Marhsawn Lynch Beast Mode in Oakland playing for the Oakland Raiders would be huge.

March 23, 2017

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Marshawn Lynch running back, he last played for the Seattle Seahawks  Marshwn Lynch is beast mode because he is a powerful running back he is hard to take down and tackle. Lynch took off  the 2016 season and was retired. but now it seems like Lynch wants to come out of retirement and play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. Marshawn Lynch lived in Oakland he  went to college and played college football for Cal Berkley  Cal Bears. Marshawn Lynch helped lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl championship. It would be huge for the Raiders to get Marshawn Lynch because he is a playmaker he is  a winner , he knows what it takes to  win . he took off a year and retired  so I think his body got rest and he is mentally and physically rested and motivated to play football and wants to contribute to the Raiders and help the Oakland Raiders win a super Bowl.  also  it’s no secret that the Raiders might move to Las Vegas so it would be great for the Raiders to win a Super bowl in Oakland  and Marshawn Lynch help leading the hometown team Oakland Raiders to a super Bowl  championship.  Marshawn Lynch is such a powerful running back a playmaker and could get those extra yards that the Raiders couldn’t get last year he could be a big difference maybe and help the Raiders get to the next level the offense is alreadt strong with quality players and productive players like quarterback  Derrek Carr and wide receiver Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree contributed big for the Raiders so adding beast mode  Marshawn Lynch in Oakland Raiders offense would be big.  I hope Beat Mode Marshawn Lynch lands in Oakland  with the Oakland Raiders!


Marshawn Lyncch seattle Seahawks

















Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch  running back when he played for the Seattle Seahawks wants to come out of retirement and play for the Oakland  Raiders


Marshawn Lynnch skittles












beast mode with his favorite skittles !!



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