new sesame street character ! Julia ! Welcome to the Street Julia !

March 23, 2017

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Sesame street will have a new character a puppet , the new character her name is  Julia. Julia enjoys art and singing. Julia has autism. Autism is something in the brain a disorder children and adults can both have it’s developmental disability and behavior disability it’s just people with autism have a different view of the world and think differently . Sesame street is awesome it teach children  different things educational like alphabet letters, numbers , colors and shapes I remember watching sesame street and learning about shapes colors, counting and  singing and the alphabet.  Sesame streets has lessons and teaching kids and not just kids but maybe their parents and other adults who may watch sesame street about autism with Julia maybe very helpful. I like this story about Julia , autism and mental disabilities should be accepted and help out people with disorders and be understanding . for more information on autism go too


Sesame street character-with-autism-sesame-street-04

















This is Julia from Sesame street she is new to Sesame Street and Julia has Autism


autism 1













autism 2

















big Bird , Elmo  and Julia Sesame street

Sesame Street Big Bird Julia and Elmo

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