Phillip from Galt online radio show shout out from the SPW wrestlers Mustafa Saed , Marcus Lewsi Jacob and Journey Fatu

February 23, 2017

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I have another online radio show for you to listen too.  check it out. It has all the radio music hits from Hot 103.5 and it has shout outs from my favorite wrestlers at SPW Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento  CA.

Journey  Fatu and  Jacob Fatu, the Samoan Dynasty . they have a big successful family that wrestled like their dad Tonga kid, Rikishi , Umaga , Yokozuna Roman Reigns the USOs Jimmy  and JEY  .


I have a shout out form  Mustafa Saed  ECW Original and him and big Ugly are going to the  SPW tag team belts next month against Salt N Pimpin’  and I got a radio shout out  from  Marcus Lewis the flyin’ Lion  he is a high flying wrestlers he is exciting to watch at SPW .


Jacob and journey Fatu SPW
















Journey Fatu Jacob Fatu SPW wrestling Sacramento  getting ready for a big splash from the top  rope


me and Jacob Fatu















me and Jacob Fatu the Samonan Ware-wolf


me and Journey Fatu   the Samoan Dynasty

me and Journey Fatu

















me and  Marcus Cray Lewis on the right and  Mustafa Saed ECW original  on the left

me and Marcus Cray Lewis and Mustaf

















the flyin’ lion Marcus Cray Lewis


Marcus cray Lewis 1

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