Boogie DeMarcus Cousins traded to New Orleans Pelicans . Tyreke Evans returing to Sacramento kings in the trade

February 23, 2017

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Boogie DeMarcus Cousins. is now a New Orleans Pelican  player . The Sacramento kings traded DeMarcus to the Pelicans. DeMarcus played in Sacramento and was an All Star player  in Sacramento . DeMarcus  gave  back to the Sacramento community  he donated time and money.  DeMarcus played tough in Sacramento and  has a lot of talent  his down side is his temper and he needs to  control him self  . he was suspended for too my technical fouls he complains to the referees and argues about calls which doesn’t help it hurts the team infact. now  DeMarcus is a Pelican after 7 seasons in Sacramento. maybe this will be a fresh start for Boogie and he will find success .


NBA: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves












one of the players the Sacramento  kings get in return for the DeMarcus Cousins trade is  a familiar face Tyreke Evans played for Sacramento kings in 2009 til 2013 then he went to the New Orleans Pelicans now he comess back to Sacramento in the DeMarcus Cousins trade. While Tyreke  played for the kings he was the rookie of the year.  Tyreke comes back to the kings with  lots more experience  and he is comfortable in this city. this could be a positive move going forward, time will tell .


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