Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 blog podcast DJ Mixes and Shout outs from my favorite sports people

February 9, 2017

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I have a DJ Mix from Hot 1035   and some shout outs from my favorite sports personalities and my favorite people in sports


hot 1035 logo new 1









DJ sign















The late great Dennis Green when he was headcoach of the Vikings.  Dennis Green   was also apart of the  Bill Walsh’s coaching staff and won the super bowl as a coach when the 49ers were so good !!


Bears v Vikings















Oakland A’s hall of famer pitcher and 1989 world series champion and MVP  Dave Stewart . he was a shut down pitcher  he threw lots of strike outs. Dave Stewart also  won the world series with  the Toronto  Blue Jays


Dave Stewart


















R Truth  has been in  WWE  and has had a successful career .  he has held the tag team championship with kofi  kingston and has won the united states champion R truth is a smart WWE Vetran and is always picking up wins on WWE Raw with  his tag team partner now  a days Goldust .

R truth















Willie Brown  making an interception taking it back for a touchdown in the Super Bowl the Raiders  won Hall of famer Willie Brown



willie Brown Raiders super bowl


















Willie Brown Raiders player super bowl champion and  Hall of famer and Raiders  coach


willie Brown


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