Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 halftime show one of the best in recent memory .

February 9, 2017

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Lady Gaga performed at Super Bowl 51  halftime show. she sang Papparazi , and Poker face, Just dance. she sang all her great songs. Lady Gaga did a great tribute to America and said the Pledge of Alleigance and Lady Gag was very classy she was very entertaining her songs made me get up and dance at home when I was watching the  halftime show . I liked Lady Gaga’s entrance she came down from the roof she jump from the top of the stadium she had wires like she was flying it was pretty cool , I like Lady Gaga’s wardrobe she looked pretty she looked great. Way to   go Lady Gaga on a well done entertaining fun super bowl half time show  .  below are picture of Lady Gaga’s halftime show  at super bowl 51 .



Lady Gaga was Super Bowl 51  halftime  show

Lady gaga NFL shirt
















Lady Gaga made her entrance and was flying through the air she was attached to wires but it was still cool  she did that

Lady Gaga super 51

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