Kyle Shanahan new headcoach of the 49ers

February 9, 2017

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Kyle Shanahan is the new head coach of the 49ers .  I think this is a great thing to  have Kyle Shanahan as the 49ers head coach . Kyle Shanahan is a young bright guy.  one of the best  quotes I heard is  that Shanahan  say’s he studied X’s and O’s his whole life  so his goal is that any player that walks up to him and has a question about something on the filed, he can  answer any question that players has !  if the Shanahan name sound familiar to you it should  Kyle ‘s dad is  Mike  Shanahan who was head coach of the Broncos and won Super Bowls as the Denver Broncos head coach  and  Mike was  Raiders head coach  and  was the Redskins head coach . Mike Shanahan was also and offensive coordinator coach and quarterbacks coach.  Mike Shanahan was  offensive  coordinator and quarterback coach when the 49ers had  Joe Montana and Steve Young playing quarterback.  The season the 49ers and  Steve Young won the super Bowl  and beat the Chargers  , Mike Shanahan was  a coach on that team. Kyle has been on his dad’s coaching staff  . Learning from Mike  Shanahan  Kyle’s dad is a big thing Mike Shanahan is a winner. so I think  Kyle knows what it takes. When Mike Shanahan was offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the 49ers  Kyle was a kid and would be the 49ers ball boy .  Kyle  is just coming off a great season with the Atlanta Falcons  . Under Kyle Shanahan being the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator  the Falcons just made the super Bowl . Kyle is a bright young guy he is 37 years old .  I think Kyle has some great knowledge and experience he will have the respect of the the players and we’ll see how the draft ends up and who the 49ers draft and see  how Kyle Shanahan will build a great offense for the 49ers.  I hope Tom Rathman he was super bowl champion as a player with  the 49ers he was a fullback .   and Tom Rathman has been 49ers running backs coach for quite somethime  I hope Tom Rathman is retained on Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff  .  I think the 49ers can re build this team and things will be looking up in 49ers land. Go  49ers


Kyle Shanahan and his Dad  Mike Shanahan . Kyle has learned from his dad who was a very success headcoach for many years and super bowl champion  winner .


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Kyle Shanahan with the Atlanta Falcons. Kyle was the offensive coordinator for the  Falcons who just played in the super bowl



Kyle Shanahan falcons 2
























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