Sacramento Sports hall of fame Derrek Lee interview and Stacy Dragila pole vault olympic champion

February 2, 2017

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The Sacramento Sports hall of fame was a great night .  We had a lot of fun listening to  the hall of famer’s speeches and hearing their stories and their journeys to success  and we got to mingle and meet the hall of famers. I met Derrek Lee major league baseball player he played with  The San Diego  Padres , Atlanta Braves , Chicago  cubs, in 2003 Derrek Lee played for the the Florida Marlin and won the world series with the Marlins  Derrek also played with Baltimore Oriole and for the Pittsburgh Pirates .  Derrek Lee won 3 gold gloves he hit some big home runs in his career and was an all star players, here is my interview with  Derrek  Lee at the Sacramento sports hall of fame


me and Derrek Lee major league baseball player he played for the Cubs the  Marlins the Braves , Padres and won the world series in 2003 while with the  Florida Marlins


me and Derrek Lee

















Derrek Lee while playing with the Chicago Cubs





















Also I met Stacy Dragila , she attended Placerville high school, she is very nice, when she was in high school there was no womens pole vaulting.  Stacy learned about Pole Vaulting and there was no stopping her, she worked hard and practiced hard , she won gold at the Olympics and  currently she does her Stacy Dragila Pole Vaulting camps and she goes to school and introduces the kids to the pole they get a chance to play with the pole and the kids love it. so  if you would love to  get a hold of Stacy Dragila and have her come to your school and introduce the kids to a new activity and get exercise all while having fun look up  Stacy Dragila camps   Stacy Dragila is very nice


here is a picture of Stacy Dragila pole Vaulting she is an Olympics gold medal champion


Stacy Dragila pole Vault





















Stacy Dragila and me  at the Sacramento Sports hall of fame


me and Stacy Dragila

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