John Cena one of Wrestling WWE All time greats. ties Ric Flair 16x championships at Royal rumble 2017

February 2, 2017

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at Royal Rumble January 2017 John Cena became a 16x heavyweight champion. Congratulations to the Champ. John Cena is one of the all time greats. and you have to respect the guy. he shows us to all his appearances he shows up to Raw , Samckdown and televised and non televised show and wrestling matches. John Cena is a work horse. He is classy and I am a big John Cena fan. I say Let’s Go Cena at the wrestling matches  I go to.  winning 16 championships in anything is hard work. John Cena wins big matches and over comes the odds .  John Cena doesn’t complain he goes to work.  he’s wrestled some of the best  like Triple H Ric Flair , Kurt Angle Batista Big show , Undertaker , John Cena love WWE loves his fans.  he gives back to the community .  John Cena is very chairitable. He’s given back to Make -a -wish and make a wish kids and adults going through major sickness.  Cena has granted over hundreds of make  a wish  wishes.  Cena is one of the best he doesn’t quit and give up.  even JBL calls John Cena big Match John  , because John Cena eventually wins big matches even if he  lost a match to someone before he’s determined to come and beat his opponett the next time.   Congratulations John Cena I am one of your fans and respect you and like you and you have a lots more fans that love you and root for you.  congratulations to John Cena tying Ric Flair one of the greatest too and John Cean says the champ is here  !  – from Phillip from Galt


John Cena US champion













John Cena became the 16x heavyweight champion  ! this is John Cena when he won the United States champion at WrestleMania 31 at Levis Stadium  in Santa Clara , CA 2015


Bradley and John Cena Layla and sheamus

















John Cena has granted hundreds and hundred of  make a wish  wishes this is my friend Bradley in front with John Cena LayLa  and Sheamus  at WreslteMania it was Bradley wish to go to WrestleMania and meet the wrestlers. this is at a party for make a wish   John Cena is classy and loves  his fan  !

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