Ken Norton Jr. is the right man to lead the Raiders Defense .Raiders sticking with Ken Norton Jr. for another season

January 12, 2017

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Ken Norton Jr.  will still  be around and be the Raiders defensive coordinator . I think this is the right move.  Ken Norton Jr. is well respected and liked by his defense and the players that play for him.  Ken Norton was an awesome player and linebacker when he played. Ken Norton Jr. is a winner he’s a super bowl champion as  a player and as a coach when the Seahawks won the super bowl . Ken Norton Jr. also brought 2 players that contributed to the success of the the Raiders this season that’s  Bruce Irvin who played with the Seahawks won a super bowl when Ken Norton Jr. was coaching with Seattle and  Malcom Smith who was super bowl MVP  . Bruce Irvin and Malcom Smith made a lot of great plays and tackles and sacks and were all over the fields making plays for the Raiders defense this year.  I think Ken Norton Jr. also helped Kahlil Mack this season and helped him grow as a great leader for the Raiders team.  Ken Norton Jr  is  winner and a good coach and has a lot to contribute to the Raiders defense. I’m glad the Raiders will stick with Ken Norton Jr.  for another season. I think Ken Norton Jr. will learn from this year and learned what palys worked and didn’t work and the Riaders can make some good draft picks and free agency moves and the defense will improve next season. I’m glad Ken Norton Jr. will still be coaching the Raiders defense   – Phillip  from Galt



Oakland Raiders sticking with Ken Noton Jr. for the 2017 season


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Ken Norton Jr.  is a winner he helped the  49ers and and Dallas Cowboys win super bowls


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