Donald Trump wins historic election 2016 Congratulations President elect Donald Trump

November 10, 2016

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So the election is done and gone !!  Congratulations to  President elect Donald Trump.  The 2016 election was historic in many ways.  you had Hillary Clinton -Democratic  Party going against Donald Trump – Republican   Party    . Hillary Clinton was the first woman  canidate for the 2  major political parties.    Donald Trump was never in poloitics and  governmanet so it was a different election. i’m glad we all had the chance to vote. some countries don’t have the choice and freedom to vote. Congratulations to President elect Donald Trump ! Donald Trump will be sworn in to office  January 2017


President elect Donald Trump and President Obama met this morning November 10 2016 to begin the transition from President Obama to Donald Trump becoming President


































Donald Trump has been a WWE Wrestling fan and he hosted WrestleMania at Trump Plaza  and been  a guest on WWE Raw he has been friends with WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon  and he has been friends with some of the wrestlers like Hulk hogan picture here with him and Donald Trump is even in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of fame becoming the first  WWE Hall of famer to become  President of the United States !!











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