Sacramento Sports Hall of fame Voting and special olympics

November 3, 2016

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Sacramento Sports hall of fame will be here in January  and  you can have a say in who wil be inducted . go to   Some of the Sacramento great that are in the Hall of fame include Super bowl champion linebacker from the New England Patriots  Tedy Bruschi  , baseball Manager great and world series champion from  his playing days Dusty Baker  ,Ultimate  fighting champion and he fights in UFC Urijah Faber , boxing chamoins Tony the Tiger lppez .  I know 2 great pros I am voting for  Lance Briggs he played linebacker for the Chicsgo Bears and played in the super bowl with the  bears and him and Brian Urlacher were a good linebacker duo together  I am also voting for  Jermainer Dye he played for the Atlanta Braves and the Oakland A’s and the Chicago White Soxs , Dye was the World Series MVP when Chicago white Soxs won the world series !  Dye was a good hitter and outfielder as well he won the gold glove award

also Sacramento Sports Hall of fame inducts one deserving special olmypics athlete from Norther California and invited the top 5 athletes that got nominated to the Sacramento Sports hall of famer Ceremony

so check out the website www.


Lance Briggs from the Chicago Bears I  am voting for him he played along side Brian Urlacher and played in the  super bowl with the  Bears















Jermaine Dye was a good outfielder and a big powerful hitter and a gold glove award winner. I am voting for  Jermain Dye in the Sacramento sports hall of fame

















Sacramento Sports hall of fame inducts one special Olympics athlete and include the other top 5 special Olympics athletes that got voted on  to the  ceremony in January  at Thundervalley


special olympics norther california

















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