What NFL player would you ask for his jersey ?

October 27, 2016

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Big Ben Roetthlisberger quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a 2 time Super bowl champion and a pro bowler asked fellow NFL quarterback Tom Brady a 4 time super bowl champion and one of the greats for his jersey before the Steelers played the Patriots. Roethlisberger and Brady greeted each other before the game . Roethlisberger was out due to injury . Roethlisberge then said to Brady if you can do me a favor if I can get a jersey from you at some point , he said he doesn’t ask everybody but wants to Put Brady’s jersey in his office and that it would be special Brady told Reothlisberger I’ll make it happen and said he felt the same way.
















As a fan I like to wear my favorite  NFL jerseys or my favorite players jersey !!  my question would be if you could ask any player current or retired for their jersey who would you ask ?  I would ask Bill Romanowski for his NFL jersey his 49ers or  Raiders one or Eagles jersey.  Bill Romanowski is a 4 time super Bowl champion he played 2 season in Oakland and went to the Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders and they won the AFC championship game. Romanowski won super bowl championship with the 49ers and Denver Broncos. Romanowski was an intense linebacker on and off the field , he has a big presence on the filed and was a play maker.Bill romanowski is one of my favorite NFL players. I have met Bill Romanowski at Raiderville the  pre game party at Raiders games. currently Bill Romanowski does Broadcasting work for the Raiders on the radio and hosts  Raiders post game live after Raiders games.so  because Bill Romanowski is one of my favorite players and  I think he was one of the best players too I would ask Bill Romanowski for his jersey !














I would ask bill romanowksi if  I could have his Eagles or Raiders jersey bill Ramonwski was one of the best linebackers 4x Super Bowl champion and pro bowler and he is one of my favorite players !





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