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October 20, 2016

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The Breakfast club mix with DJ Dr. J on the suga bear on the morning show


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Phillip from Galt hot 1035 online radio show  blog  podcast. I got a shout out from WWE Wrestlers Hacksaw Jim Duggan I was also  have a shout out from Jacob Fatu and Journey Fatu they are sons of Tonga kid who used to wrestle in WWF . Tonga kid was tag team partners with Haku .  Fatu’s family is the Rock and the USOS Jimmy and Jey and their dad Rikishi and Yokozuna and Roman Reigns they have a big wrestling fanily thet have all been champions in wrestling journey Fatu and Jacob Fatu remind me of the Headshrinkers tag team. Jacob and Journey Fatu wrestle in SPW local in Sacramento  . they are awesome wresters and stong and big guys .

here is a picture of them at SPW with me




















Journey and Jacob Fatu in action at Supreme Pro Wrestling  in Sacramento getting ready from the big splash from the top rope


me and Jacob Fatu at SPW Wrestling matches


















Journey Fatu and me at Supreme Pro wrestling



















COCO Crisp lead his team the Cleveland Indians  to the World series Coco hist 2 homeruns in different post season games.


















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