Southern Oregon University Raiders at UC Davis Aggies football Saturday September 10 2016 Shout out to my cousin Armando playing for Southern Oregon University

September 8, 2016

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September 10  2016  UC Davis Aggies football are home vs  the Southern Oregon Raiders.  game starts at 6pm.  I want to give my cousin Armando he plays defensive linemen for Southern Oregon University  Raiders  big Shout out.  have a great game and get lots of tackles and sacks. The Southern Oregon Raiders have made the NAIA championship  games the last 2 seasons. they have a good football program there.  I’m wishing UC Davis a good game too. earlier this  year the UC Davis Aggies football team had a football clinic day  for special Olympics athletes and it was fun they showed us drills and we got to run football drills and play a flag football it was  a fun day. I wish everyone a good healthy game and fun game.


my cousin Armando #56 plays for  southern Oregon University  Raiders will be playing at UC Davis football this weekend September 10