NXT Wrestling coming to Sacramento in October 27 thursday 2016 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

September 8, 2016

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NXT Wrestling , is WWE ‘s developmental wrestling organization. Triple H , Vince McMahon’s son in law and is Married to Stephanie  McMahon over sees NXT and manages NXT .  NXT will be coming to Sacramento Downtown to Memorial Auditorium . NXT  is great they have a lot of exciting wrestlers like Samoan Joe and Booby Roode and Austin Aries. Joe, Roode and Aries were all in TNA Impact wrestling they were all champions there they are good wrestlers and have worked hard and put on good wrestling matches. they will all be up with the main Roster on smackdown or Raw. so I hope to see them at NXT in Sacramento before they go to the main WWE  roster.  the Women’s division is exciting there too  and it will be good wrestling matches in up close  venue at Memorial auditorium it should be a fun time don’t miss it  NXT in Sacramento October 27 2016  Thursday


Samoa Joe Austin Aries and Booby Roode all were in TNA and were champions there. they are all in NXT right now  and are top wrestlers they are all good wrestlers














NXT Sacramento October 27 2016 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium





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