CM Punk to make his UFC Debut this weekend September 10 2016

September 8, 2016

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CM Punk is making his UFC debut this weekend September 10 2016 Saturday . CM Punk  was in the WWE and was the WWE champion. he was a tag team champion he was exciting and a good successful wwe wrestler.  CM Punk showed to all the  wrestling matches and spent at lot of time on the road as all WWE wrestlers do. CM Punk put in his work and was a top wrestler in his time in WWE with John Cena , Triple H , Undertaker and more . CM Punk also trained in Mixed  Martial Arts and when he left  WWE then did some more training so he could get in to  UFC. Punk finally signed with WWE and trained to fight Punk got injured in his training and that set him back in his UFC fighing  debut. Now CM Punk is healthy and ready to have his debut UFC fight. I think CM Punk will be ready and will have a good fight .


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CM Punk in the WWE tag team champion .  Punk held several championship and was  hard fighting champion  in the WWE .



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