SPW Supreme Pro Wrestling Sacramento Sunday August 28 2016 Sacramento SPW debut of Jacob Fatu and the Samoan Swat team

September 1, 2016

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Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento is always good wrestling matches .  The fans like me love the action. the wrestles put on great wrestling matches and its up close and fun time .I  saw ECW original Mustafa Saed , he was in a tag team match with his tag team partner Big Ugly and  Sir Samari. At the next SPW wrestling matches in Septemeber Mustafa Saed and the Big Ugly get a match for the Supreme Pro Wrestling tag team championships.  Christina Von Eerie she has been in SPW and she is in Global force Wrestling,she is the womens champion in Global force Wrestling . Christina  was there and was managing at ring side.  Oi Oi  Oi  !!

I saw the SPW debut in Sacramento of Jacob Fatu, his wrestling name is the Samoan werewolf . Jacob Fatu and his brother wrestled they reminded me of the headshrinkers from WWF Rikishi and Samu. Infact  Rikishi is Jacob’s uncle and the Rock is cousins with the family Jacob is the son of  WWF wrestler the  Tonga Kid  . Tonga kid teamed up with King Haku and they were managed  by Bobby the Brain heenan they were the Islanders the Rock and Yokozuna and  Rikishi and Umaga Eddie Fatu and Tong kid and current WWE Wrestlers  Roman Reigns and the Usos  jimmy and  Jey Uso are all a big family cousins and brothers  Tonga kid told me the family is called  the Samoan Dynasty and the Samoan Swat Team !!   Jacob Fatu is gonna be awesome I think he will be in the WWE in the near future he is Physical and has lots of experience and good genes in the Wrestling business.  I like when Jacob and his brother did the Samoan death drop finishing move and they had mean kicks and they are big strong guys. Jacob Fatu wrestles all over the  Northern California independent Pro Wrestling companies look out for him again to come to SPW wreslting again.


here are some pictures  of the Supreme Pro Wrestling



SPW Wrestling 10 August 28 2016 Samoan Swat team Jacob fatu


















Jacob Fatu of the Samoan Dynasty Samoan Swat team  waiting for the tag in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 11 August 28 2016  Samoan Swat team




















Samoan Swat team in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 12 August 28 2016 me  Phillip from Galt and Christina Von Eerie champion


















Christina Von Eerie she wrestles in the Supreme Pro Wrestling  and she is one of the best womens wrestlers sometimes she  wrestles the guys Christina is the Global force wrestling women’s champion she won a tournament that also Mickie James former WWE women’s champion was in Global force Wrestling is promotion the  Jeff Jarrett owns



Tonga kid













tonga kid WWF Wrestler was in attendance to see his sons wrestle the Samoan Swat team.  The tong kid was tag team partners with King Haku and is brothers with Rikishi and Umaga !! what a great wrestling family ! the Samoan Dynasty

SPW Wrestling 5 August 28 2016  (1)




















Sir Samari and Mustafa Saed and  big Ugly in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 6 August 28 2016 Mustafa ECW Sir Samari  (1)










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