Supreme Pro Wrestling this Sunday August 28 2016

August 25, 2016

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Supreme Pro Wrestling independent wrestling will be going on this Sunday. The show will feature popular wrestlers like Mustafa Saed  ecw  original ,  Danile Torch , Sir Samari , bobby hart and there is  a special debut Jacob Fatu , Jacob Fatu is the son of WWF wrestling legend Tonga kid, Tong kid was tag team partners with king haku and managed  by Booby the brain heenan the Islanders .  Fatu is apart of the big Samoan wreslting great family which included the Anoa’i  family  Jimmy and Jey the Usos WWE tag team champions their dad also a tag team champion Rikishi the Rock  Roman Reigns WWE champion.  Jacob is on the independent wrestling scene and will be making a name for himself. Come on Down to  McMahon Drive in Sacramento and check some wreslting action, the matches are awesome up close and personal  the action starts at 5 pm here is the poster below with more information !!


supreme Pro wrestling Jacob fatu

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