Usain Bolt best olympian ever ? I say Yes he is one of the best olympians ever !

August 18, 2016

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Its the Rio 2016  Olympics. watching all the sports as many as I can swimming, basketball , soccer , track and field.  We get to see so mamy great athletes and Olympians. they have trained and worked hard for this moment to  compete and the Olympics is special , the Olympics only comes around every 4 years so these athletes put in a lot of time effort work and dedication into their sport.  One Olympian that I am pumped up to see compete every time he has an event is Olympic tack and field racer Usain Bolt. he has set world records in his races. he is the fastest man on the planet .  Bolt has already won gold in the 100 meter run and some times Usain Bolt is so fast he beat his own world record. Bolt is going for gold tonight in the  200 meter mens race.  Bolt  makes these races look easy.  he is exciting to see , he leaves everyone else in the dust.  except yesterday in the qualifying race of mens 200 meter bolt was neck and neck with  Canada’s Andre De Grasse but Usain pulled just in front of De Grasse and while they crossed the finish line they were joking and smiling at each other  it’s good to see Usain Bolt and the other athletes have so much with their Olympic experience  Bolt also pointed his finger jokingly at De Grasses like  he was saying  ha ha  I got you after the close and good race  .




Bolt and De Grasse while crossing the finish line mens 200 meter qualifying  both laughing and smiling what a good race. Usain Bolt is so good at racing he makes it look easy he is one of the best Olympians ever o all time and he is exciting to watch what a fun guy !!


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