Stockton Con this weekend August 20 , 21 2016 Stockton Arena

August 18, 2016

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Stockton Con this weekend August 20 , 21 2016 Stockton Arena  . it’s always fun time at the Stockton Con . this year the Stockton Con is gonna have one of wrestling’s best factions and groups ever, a mini  nWo Kevin Nash is Big Daddy Cool Diesel , Scott Hall Razor Ramon , and X- Pac. Kevin Nash big Daddy Cool diesel was  the WWF champion and WCW  champion he had the jack-knife powerbomb finishing move !  Scott hall Razor Ramon was one of the best inteconteintal champions . Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels had one of the first ladder matches in WWF it was for the interconteintal champion. Razor Ramon and Shawn Michales used the ladder and hit each other with it and used it against each other it was one of the best matches and introduced us to the ladder match .  x PAc was European and champion and was also  in nWo and DX 2 of the best wreslting factions. X PAc was also WWF tag team champions with Kane they were a good team X PAc  had a lot of athleticism and kane was the power and strength they made a good team and tag team champions.Kevin Nash, scott Hall and X Pac will all be at Stockton Con this weekend at  Stockton arena signing autographs  and taking pictures. at Stockton con they also have memorabilia for sale like action figures and toys and sports trading cards  and t-s hirts its always fun time at Stockton Con and to buy toys and fun things check out the website




Kevin Nash Scott Hall and X Pac  nwo  stockton con

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