BTW Big Time Wrestling event in Modesto , independent Wrestling. Supreme Pro Wrestling and Wreslting Bushido

August 18, 2016

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I got to  go  to Big time Wrestling down in Modesto  at John  Thurman field  where the Modesto nuts play. it was a great time The fans have fun the wrestlers have fun with the fans.  the wrestlers even fight in the crowd its very interactive show . very fun show. also at the Stockton Con show Supreme Pro Wrestling will be outside doing wrestling matches so check that out. the wrestlers put on good matches and they fight in the crowd and you get to see the wrestlers up close and personal .Wrestling WWE WWF hall of famer Bret the hitman hart was at the Big time wrestling !! he was signing autographs and even gave us a speech in the ring and the main event match was  Chris Masters the master piece vs ECW champion ECW original Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and Master fought all over John Thurman field on the field and in the crowd in the seats they hit each other with chairs and  garbage cans and what ever else they could find.  Tommy Dreamer won the match he is hardcore it was a good time check out and support independent wrestling when you can . they put on great matches












supreme pro wrestling
















meeting  Brett the hitman hart the best there  is the best there was and the best that there will be WWF  champion and  WWE  hall of famer  at Big time Wrestling at  Modesto Nuts field


bret the hitman hart and me

















meet ECW champion  and ECW Original and hardcore legend  Tommy Dreamer  at Big time Wrestling in Modesto


me and Tommy Dreamer

















torch in a tag team match

btw 4



















tag team match action

















bret the hitman hart in the  ring Big time Wrestling in Modesto





































Tommy Dreamer talking to Chris Masters the Master Piece

























Chris Master vs tommy Dreamer action























Tommy Dreamer beating down Chris Masters  during their match




















after the match Chris Masters getting help from the Referee . Tommy Dreamer won. it was a great match  between  Dreamer and Masters





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