opening ceremonies for the olympics tommorow August 5 2016 Olympics beginging

August 4, 2016

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The Summer Olympics games is beginning the opening ceremonies are tomorrow.  The Olympics is  a  great time. the athlete that compete in the games work and dedicate a lot of time and years in their life for this opportunity and the Olympics only come around every 4 years, so there athletes sacrifice a lot they put in great hard work. some of the sports and athletes I am looking forward to.  is USA Olympics basketball team . The basketball team has Sacramento Kings player  DeMarcus Cousins  and the USA team has  new Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant. I think this is gonna be a good team USA !!














I like track and field and my favorite track and filed athlete is  Usain Bolt, he is so fast, it’s incredible to see him in a race, he is so fast. he is the fastest person in the world , he has world records . Its gonna be fun seeing Usain Bolt race in the Olympics .















Olympic wrestling is a great sport. those wrestlers work had and  have some good wrestling matches. USA Has a good heavyweight this year . Robby Smith is his name he is a big man and has  lots of power and size .I think he will bring home Gold !!
















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