NFL is back ! kickoff this weekend with the Pro Football inductions and NFL Pro football Hall of fame Game !

August 4, 2016

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NFL Pro football Hall of fame indctions and the Pro football game is this weekend the start of NFL season is closing upon us !!

some of the hall of famers that will be inducted is Raiders quarterback the late Great Ken Stabler ! known as the Snake because the way he ” slithered” and avoided sacks.  Ken Stabler was starting quarterback for the Oakland Riaders and  won a super Bowl for the Raiders. Stabler combined with recievers like fellow Pro football hall of famer Fred Belitnekoff and  Cliff Branch , Ken Stabler was awesome leader on the field and also could have a good time off the field too. Stabler would party and go to bars and still play the next day. they said Stabler studied the play-book to the light of the juke-box !! Stabler was one of the best quarterback and was a winner. Ken Stabler


Ken Stabler Raiders












ken Stabler Houston Oliers













I always like Brett Favre quarterback from the Green Bay Packers super Bowl champion Brett Favre . Favre helped win the super bowl for the Packers. Favre played with a lot of heart and loved the game. he held the record for the most consectutive starts.  Brett Favre loved the game, they called him “the  gun slinger”  because when he throws the football he has a lot of power and strength in that throw Favre did some amazing things in his career. he has beat every single team in the NFL  including the Packers when he left the Packers he went to the Jets and to  the Vikings.  Favre played the game with a lot of energy and had fun playing the game


1996 favre lede.jpg















Kevin Greene was  is gonna be inducted into the Pro football hall of fame.  Kevin Greene was so intense he played linebacker and was always around making a play, he played in a super bowl game when he played for the Steelers,  Kevine Green haunted a lot of quarterback during his career , he was a big sack master and could get to the quarterback . Kevin Greene was always around to make  a big play on defense.


Kevin Greene




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