stockton Con August 20 , 21, 2016 Stockton Arena Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac coming

July 28, 2016

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it ‘s like an mini nWo reunion . One of the best Wrestling factions , the nWo the group founded by Hulk Hogan , Kevin Nash and Scott Hall later they  added X- Pac Sean Waltman in the group. the nWo was like a group that was trying to take over the WCW.  Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall and X – Pac have all held a lot of wrestling championship.  Kevin Nash was champion in WWF / WWE and champion WCW Scott Hall was interconteintal champion , the interconeintal championship is one of the top titles besides the WWE Championship and world heavyweight championship.  X Pac was cruiserweight champion and Tag team champion and European champion. Kevin Nash and Soctt Hall were also Tag team champion with each other.  Kevin Nash had the jack-knife power bomb in the WWF he was known as big Daddy cool diesel and Scott hall was  Razor Ramon  and had the Razor’s edge finishing move and X PAc  had the bronco buster.   The Stockton con is always fun there is even local pro wrestling from the  Wrestlers of  Supreeme Pro Wrestling and its outside of the arena for free. The Wreslter put on good matches and they are exciting and fun and fan interactive the wreslters interact with the fans. there is toys and autogrpahs and more fun at the Stockton Con. don’t miss it ! it is always a fun time   August  20, 21, 2016  go to more more information



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