2016 Preview for the Oakland Raiders- Phillip from Galt

July 28, 2016

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NFL season is coming up really soon . I think a team to look out for this season are the Oakland Raiders. Quarterback Derek Carr is entering his 3rd NFL season. Derek Carr carries himself as a leader on and off the field. He has all the tool to help the Raiders get over ” the hump” on to the next level. Derek Carr is a play maker and studies the game and learns from mistakes and  improves each week. Derek Carr has lots of passion for the game and has lots of smarts about the game , he’s mostly a good decision maker  on the filed .  Derek Carr has other leaders and  weapon on the filed  on offense like running back Lataius Murray , Latavius Murray is a play maker and is coming off a pro bowl season he makes some good runs another play maker the Raiders have on offense is Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper, Cooper was out-standing his  rookie  season . Cooper is a reliable receiver he can make big catches he is gonna catch a lot of touchdowns  this season form quarterback Derek Carr.  When Derek Carr connects with  Derek Carr and throws to him the duo is  called  AC/ DC .


on defense the Raiders are stacked to with Defensive end Khalil Mack, Mack is  beast on the field. Mack is  play maker on defense and is a played the opposing offense has to worry about because Khalil is a good pass rusher and can make great tackles and  big hit and sacks.  The Raiders Also have Bruce Irvin they got from the Seahawks and Malcom Smith the Raiders have some good players on defense that will make  big play.opposing offense has to look out for Mack, he will be all over the field making plays.   I think the Raiders are poised for a good season and will be a playoff team which will be exciting for players coaches and  the awesome Raider Nation fans !




Derek Carr Raiders quarterback


Derek Carr 2















Latavius Murray running back  coming off a pro bowl season


Latavius Murray raiders 2

















Amari Cooper is a big playmaker and can make the big catches I think he will catch a lot of touchdown passes from Derek Carr  ! AC/ DC


Amari Cooper 2















Khalil Mack is gonna be all over the filed  and making tackles and sacks on quarterbacks ! beware !



khalil  Mack  1















Raider Nation  !!!


Raider Nation












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