Shaq vs the Big Show WrestleMaina 33 in 2017 in Orlando Fl. ???

July 21, 2016

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at the ESPY’s WWE’s  The Big Show  challenged Big Shaq NBA legend and   NBA world champion to a wrestling match at WrestleMania 33 which will be in Orlando Fl where Shaq lives. Shaq started his NBA  career with the Orlando Magic and then went to  LA to the Lakers to team up with Kobe Bryant. Shaq and Kobe won multiple  NBA Championships together. Shaq was a finals MVP and NBA MVP. Shaq is so powerful  and big and has lots of strength when he slam dunks you can’t stop him you have to get out of his way. Shaq has also been a big wrestling he is friends with Hulk Hogan  and even was a special guest referee in a match and was the guest host of WWE Raw and Shaq even entered the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal and Shaq and The Big show has their second stared down . big show grabbed Shaq for a choke slam and Shaq grabbed  Big show for a  choke slam and kane joined in the confrontation and  Shaq and big Show  both double choke slammed kane. Big show and Shaq seem like they respect and like each other but they want to see which big man rules the ring. Shaq can hold his own  but the Big show has been a WWE great for a long time.!  he’s held every championship available in WWE , the WCW  championship, the ECW brand championship the WWE championship the world heavyweight championship  the tag team championships with kane on 2 different times  he’s been the intcontinental champion big show has done it all and beat and wrestled some of the best wrestlers like Hulk Hogan , Triple H Ric Flair , undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena , Kane and more.  Shaq and Big show is gonn be awesome , battle of the big men !!



Shaq vs big Show at WrestleMania 33 ??  Battle of the big Men !!


Shaq vs big Show

















big  Show  and Shaq have a stare down  at wrestlemania 32 at the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal and Kane joins in

Big Show  Shaq and Kane














Big  Show and Shaq team up and choke slam  kane



Big Show and Shaq team up to choke slam kane












Big Show and Shaq were both eliminated by everybody teaming up and threw them both over the top rope at wrestlemania at the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal


big Show and shaq after they got eliminated in the Andre the giant battle royal at wresltemanina 32




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