Big Time Wrestling event in Modesto, CA. John Thurman field Saturday August 13 2016

July 21, 2016

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big Time Wrestling event happening Saturday August 13 2016 pro wrestling coming to Modesto, CA.  at John Thurman field . this is gonna be a great show. Damien Sandow used to be on WWE and was Miz’s “stunt double” together they won the tag team championship. Damien Sandow  also won money in the bank brief case .  Chris Masters the Master Piece will be there. Chris Masters was also in the WWE  , he had his master lock challenge , the master lock was  a full nelson power lock . Santino Marrella he was in WWe he won the intercontenital championship and united  states championship and was tag team champion with  Kozlov Santino had the cobra finishing move which was popular too.

headlining the show is wrestling legend and hall of famer Bret the Hitman hart. Bret the Hitman hart had the legendary sharp shooter submission move , Bret the hitman hart was the  WWE/ WWF champion and was the interconteintal champion he had the best submission move and was just a good sportsman and class act he was tag team champion with Jim Anvil Neidhart  the Hart foundation Bret had the quickness and such a technical wrestler he knew how to beat his opponent and then submitted them . the hart family is legendary they were all champions like his brother Owen Hart was the interconeintal champion and was tag team champions with the british bull dog another family member and  Yokozuna .  it will be great to see Bret the Hitman hart in modesto. get your ticket at the Box office in Modesto at John Thurman field !



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