Stockton Con Kevin Nash aka Big Daddy Cool Diesel WWE Hall of famer & Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon coming to Stockton Con August 20- 21 2016 at the Stockton Arena

June 16, 2016

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WWE Hall of famer Scott Hall Razor Ramon from his WWE/ WWF days  will be at Stockton  Scott hall was the interconteintal champion he was one of the best champions he had his Razor Edge finishing move where he hoisted his opponent over his head and slammed him to the mat.  Razor Ramon was also a founding member of the NWO along with Kevin Nash big Daddy Cool Diesel and Hulk Hogan the nWo was a great group Hulk Hogan was the champion and leader Kevin Nash and Scott  Hall were the outsiders joining  WCW  after they left the WWE/ WWF . The group  feuded with Top WCW stars like Sting  , bill Goldberg , Lex Luger , booker T  .  NWO won a lot of championships. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall  were tag team champions too while Hulk Hogan was the WCW champion.   Big Daddy Cool Diesel  Kevin Nash will be at the Stockton Con too. Diesel  was the WWE Champion he beat Bob Backlund in 8 seconds at  Madison squared  Garden . Diesel was also tag team champions with Shawn Michaels the 2 dudes with  attitudes . Diesel had the  Power-bomb Jack- Knife finishing move.  this is gonna be fun meeting 2 wrestling legends Champions ! it will be a mini NWO  reunion ! Don’t miss when Kevin Nash Diesel and Scott Hall the Outsiders from the NWO when they are there  at Stockton Con in beautiful Stockton, Ca at the Stockton Arena !  August  20 -21    it’s always fun time at Stockton Con. They also have local wrestlers , wrestling matches in the  ring outside  of the arena from SPW Wrestling Supreme Pro Wrestling !  go to for more information to stay updated on guests and more  fun.


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