Arik Armstead 49ers defensive end interview with Phillip from Galt / Sacramento Pro developmental basketball league Monday and Wednesdays Capital Christian Center

June 16, 2016

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Yesterday I had a chance too go to the Sacramento Pro developmental  basketball league game.  They play games at Capital Christian Center  Monday and Wednesday nights .   Some players go on to  play over seas and play professional ball in the NBA . infact some players in the NBA played in the Pro developmental league like King Center Wille Caulie Stein most recently played ! Matt Barnes played in the league, Bobby Jackson and Kevin Martin too.  the games have a lot of action and scoring and  its a fast paced game  the guys play fast.  you never know who you’ll see at the game. Gus Armstead runs the league , Gus Armstead’s son is 49ers player defensive end Arik Armstead. Arik is now in his 2nd year with the 49ers, he is big tall guy 6 foot 8 inches and  the 49ers have Deforest Buckner Arik’s team-mate at Oregon  and now they both will be on the defensive line for the 49ers !! Quarterbacks  be ware Arik Armstead and Deforest Buckner are gonna come  after you all game !!  that’s what I talked to Arik Armstead about the upcoming  49ers and NFL season take a listen here !!


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