RIP Muhammad Ali one of the best

June 9, 2016

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Muhammad Ali died recently at the age of 74. Ali lived an awesome life. he was the boxing heavyweight champion of the world. he boxed and fought and beat some of  the best like George Foreman Smokin Joe Frazier Ken Norton Sr. But Muhammad  Ali also had to fight outside of the ring too . Ali didn’t believe in the Vieitnam War so he refused to go to war and fight. Ali was went to prision for refusuing to being drafted and going to war. Ali stood up for his beliefs . Ali has children one of his children Laila Ali his daughter followed in her dad’s foot steps and became a boxer.  Laila was a boxing champion too I know
Muhammad Ali was proud of Laila and Laila was proud of her dad  too.  something else Muhammad  Ali did was he like WWE / WWF . Ali was at WrestleMania 1 at Madison squared garden and was a special guest referee , Ali didn’t take crap from anyone. At one point Ali came into the  ring and had to maintain order  Ali threw punches a Rowdy Roddy Piper and at Cowboy Bob Orton who was trying to interfere. Ali Stood up for what he believed in  and was the heavyweight champion and believe in his self and was a bad bad man in the boxing ring . Ali  left a great legacy and  memories.  Ali is missed . Rip to one of the greatest Muhammda Ali


WrestleMania 1  Muhammad Ali  was the special guest referee and  maintained order and at one point got in the ring and went face to face with the wrestlers . Muhammad Ali was one of the best



WrestleMania 1  Hulk Hogan and Muhammad Ali



























Muhammad Ali  fighting 1

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