Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals repeat of last years NBA finals. 2016 . NBA finals start tonight game 1

June 2, 2016

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Golden State Warriors are in the NBA finals against Cleveland Cavaliers. this is a repeat of the same finals from last year the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors . The Golden State Warriors are amazing  they had a record setting year they won  70 games during the game which has been the most since the bulls teams with Michael Jordan . The Warriors defeated the Oaklahoma City Thunder in the  Western Conference finals .The Warriors were down in the series  3 games to 1 . The Warriors then caught fire and Steph Curry the MVP got his swagger back and so did Clay Thompson  Steph and Clay were the  splash brothers hitting 3’s all day .  This is exciting to  have the Warriors in the finals and represent  California and the Bay Area .  Go Warriors Go !!  I am picking the Warriors and maybe the  series might  go to game 7. I hope Steph Curry and  Clay Thompson  hit 3’s all day  in the series and the splash borthers win another NBA World Championship.  !!






















The Golden State Warriors vs the Cavaliers in the finals






















Golden State Warriors

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