Adrian Ross the Maddbacker . Maddbacker Celebrity basketball game June 17 2016 at Sleep train Arena Sacramento . featuring Adrian Ross Terrell Owens Jerry Porter Oakland Raiders Bobby Jackson Matt Barnes and Many More

June 2, 2016

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Adrian Ross the Maddbacker he played high school football at Elk Grove, CA . He played college football at Colorado  State University  and then went on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals too in  the NFL. Adrian Ross has his Celebrity basketball a benefit this year for Positive  Coaching Alliance  June 17 2016 Friday at Sleep  Train Arena .Adrian Ross has got some great player from NFL  past  Terrell Owens former great 49ers and played in the  super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles . Jerry Porter former Raiders receiver who played with  Raiders wide reicevers like Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. Jerry Porter will be there. Bernard Berrian who played with the Beas and went to the Super Bowl with the Bears and played high school football  in  Atwater High school Falcons the game will be fun. you can meet the players and have fun.  check out the interview with me  and Adrian Ross talking about the game.  come out  June 17 2016 it will be fun !!





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Phillip and Adrian Ross Cinncinatii Bengals linebacker




















Terrell Owens  49ers great and went to the  super Bowl with the Eagles and was one of the best recievers to ever play a top  player at his position will be playing in the Maddbacker Celebrity game June 17 2016 at Sleep train Arena


terrell Owens 49ers















Terrell Owens  get your Popcorn ready will be playing in the basketball celebrity basketball game Maddbacker game June 17 2016 Friday


Terrell Owens


















Bernard Berrian went to the Super Bowl with the Bears  he was a standout  at Atwater high school he will be in the Maddbacker  Celebrity basketball game




bernard Berrian


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