Ronnie Lott and group to help the Raiders build a new stadium in Oakland ? Maybe ??

May 26, 2016

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Ronnie Lott one of the best  safetys and defensive backs in NFL  history hard hitting player  4x super Bowl champion with the 49ers and  a hall of famer such a nice person too played great for the 49ers, Ronnie also played for the  Raiders for a couple seasons.  there has been talk how Ronnie Lott might be heading a group of investors and that would also include another former Raider , former NFL quarterback and Raiders player Rodney Peete.  I hope this group can get together and help fund a stadium in Oakland and build a stadium in Oakland and keep the Raiders in Oakland in the bay Area where they belong. We’ll see if this leads anywhere. hopefully it does . build a new stadium in Oakland and Keep the Raiders in Oakland  !!


ronnie Lott 49ers  pic 5














Rodeny Peete Carolina Panthers







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