my favorite WWE current wrestlers.

May 12, 2016

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some of my favorite current WWE Wrestlers  are  Roman Reigns. I think he is  a power house he is so  strong.  I like his spear move and he doesn’t  back down from a fight . !! He is a good WWE Champion I like his other finishing move the superman punch .  Roman says believe that  Roman  Reigns is one of my favorite  WWE Wrestlers . !!




roman reigns WWe champion 2
















I want GoldDust and R -Truth to be a tag team and WWE tag team champion. I like R- Truth I like when he says what’s up .  they are gonna call their tag team Golden Truth. that’s awesome !  GoldDust and R truth have both been tag team champions  with different  tag team partners and they have been successful WWE  wrestlers . I hope GoldDust and R Truth team up for golden truth and become  WWE Tag team champions .




Kofi_kingston_r-truth wwe tag team champions















R truth when he was tag team champions with  kofi Kingston



GoldDust has been a great wrestler for the WWE and has been interconteintal champion.
















R truth and GoldDust need to be a tag team. the Golden Truth.  they are both good wrestlers and I think they would win the tag team championships


















I also like Natalya Neidhart.  She is so awesome and  a great wrestler,  she does the  Sharp shooter like Bret the hitman hart her uncle . Natalya  is so talented in and out of the ring. she is a  great athlete and can make the other women in wwe  tap out. I think she is gonna win the WWE womens championship soon from Charlotte .





Natalya Neidhart former WWE womens champion




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