Ronnie Lott hosts annual ALS Walk at his Tracy toyota car lot

May 5, 2016

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hall of famer , Super Bowl champion , one of hardest hitting  safety and best defensive players in NFL history Ronnie Lott hosted the annual  ALS walk at his Tracy Toyota  car lot. Ronnie Lott and Shondra Scoggins put on the ALS walk and in memory of Shondra’s husband Eric Socggins and he was Ronnie Lott’s  team mate on the 49ers and USC in College. ALS is also know as  Lou Gehgrig’s disease  . ALS effects the never system its hard to walk and talk its a progressive disease. the funds Raised by the Walk go to  research and pacients suffering from ALS to hospitals and to a place that takes care of the pacients that have ALOS.  I say that Ronnie Lott and Shondra are very kind hearted and  do a lot for  the community   this is a great community event and it will help out people suffering from ALS.  thank you Shondra and Ronnie Lott .




walking the ALS walk with Ronnie  Lott  waiting to cross the street safely  !


me walking with Ronnie Lott

















me and Shondra Scoggins  Eric Scoggin’s wife  . Eric’s vision is the program and the ALS walk is in memory or Eric who was Ronnie Lott’s team mate with the 49ers and at USC . Eric Socggins has ALS and battled it  . Ronnie and Schodra would go to pray with  Eric and take him to Dr. Apponitments. The funds the ALS walk raised is donated to hospitals and even donated to  pacinets locally who have ALS to go to get care and for Doctors appointments and visits ect and for their health care costs.  we are the funds go to research for ALS.   Ronnie Lott and Shondra host the ALS walk annually


Phillip and Shondra scoggins




















49ers great super bowl Champion hall of famer  Ronnie Lott and me Phillip  and Karen Lott  Ronnie’s wife a the ALS walk


me and Ronnie Lott and Kareen Lott  ronnie's wife

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