VIP games/ special olympics . Track and field meet

April 28, 2016

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Special Olympics is awesome . It is fun to play sports and make friends and cheer on my fellow competitors and to compete  and try to  win and achieve something cool. I am  a special olympics athlete.  We had our  VIP games track and field event on this past Sunday April 24 , 2016. VIP  is similar to special olympics  it gives  us  a chance to compete in more tournaments .  VIP is a local organization VIP stands for Very Inspirational Athletes.  I competed in 3 event I competed in shot put and the 100 yard dash and the  200 yard dash.  it was fun.  it kept me busy.  I met new friends and saw familiar faces . my friend Joey Swiencki from Carmichael  he loves radio and listening to radio and love the dj’s and on air jocks and Joey is  special olympics athlete too and  coach for softball.  Joey is the  Public relations for VIP games and got some local celebrities out to help award the athletes medal after their event. Joey got people from radio  stations like  Tony Cox he does porduction voice overs and Tony Cox is the Voice of the Sacramento Sports Hall of fame that TC Martin created. My friend Marilyn Nelson she is a local radio personality and has been on radio for a long time and she is a good traffic reporter. and Bryd , he is Judge Judy’s  baliff. The VIP  track and field games were so  fun . thank you too all the volunteers and celebrities and radio  jocks that awarded us medals.  it was so  fun.  thank  you to  my coach , coach Michelle.




running one of my races at track and field



vIP games 4 running































here are some of the other athletes I competed against in the shot put .


VIP games games 1




















me and Bryd  Judge Judy’s Baliff was out a the VIP games track and field meet helping pass out medals to us athletes



vIP games 3

























Bryd is Judge Judy’s Baliff


jUDGE  judy and Byrd
















Tony Cox he is a radio voice over he was at the VIP track and field meet passing out medals to us athletes



VIP games 2
























My friend Marilyn Nelson from  radio and Marily helped pass out awards to us athletes thank Marilyn for coming out to the VIP games



VIP game me and Marilyn Nelson
























Joey Swiwncki and me  at the VIP games. Joey help organize the track and field  games and got local celebrities from radio show and tv show and Dinger the  Sacramento River Cats  mascot too came out. Joey loves  radio and tv and listening to radio and watching local news and the local news peronalities and radio personalities.  Thank you Joey for getting the celebrities to help pass out awards to us.




VIP games 5 me and Joey Swiencki



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