NFL draft starts today April 28 , 29 30

April 28, 2016

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The NFL  draft starts tonight  April 28 , 29 ,30  .  The NFL draft is exciting because that’s how a team builds their success by drafting the best player and all teams hope that the player they drafted will help build their team to be a winner.  us fans want to see who our team drafted so we can see if that player will be the next star and help our team win .  The draft starts today April 28 and then goes April 29 and wraps up on Saturday April  30 . good luck to all the players in the draft. the players will be watching to hear their name called by a NFL team .


here are some of my favorite draft day memories


NFL draft 2016

















after the commissioner is done annoucning the draft  picks the teams get a former great player and legends to announce the draft pick. The Oakland Raiders get Willie Brown super Bowl champion defensive back  and hall of famer to announce the draft pick in later rounds .  so I’m  hoping we’ll see Willie Brown announce a  Oakland Raiders pick during the draft .




willie Brown  former Raiders defensive back super Bowl  champion announcing Raiders draft picks



















This is  Charles  Woodson drafted in the 1998  draft .  Charles Woodson just retired from the NFL . Woodson was drafted by the Oakland Raiders he was a great team leader and holds records in career sacks and interceptions . Woodson went to  the Green Bay Packers and helped them win a super Bowl . Woodson came back to the Raiders after spending time with the Packers and continued his great career adding more interceptions and even  defensive touchdowns. Charles  Woodson is one of the best  draft pick certainly by the Raiders  and in the NFL.




Charles Woodson



















in that same  NFL  draft in 1998  Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts . Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterback too. Peyton help the Colts win a super Bowl . Peyton and Marvin Harrison were an awesome quarterback and wide reciever duo for the Colts. Peyton took the Colts to another super Bowl  appearance but lost that Super Bowl  Peyton had a lot of touchdown and did  a lot of winning for the Colts  one of the best draft picks .



Peyton Manning draft day




















commissioner Roger Goodell loves to announce the picks. he greets all the draft picks and he congratulates them and the players give him hugs and hand shakes and take selfies and one player even hugged Roger  Goodell and picked him up off his feet and lifted  him up while he was still hugging him . !!





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