Who I want to see as the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings

April 21, 2016

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The Sacramento Kings are currently looking for their next head coach. I would like to see Vinny Del Negro become the head coach  of the kings. Vinny is a former Sacramento kings player himself , he has passion for the Citty  of  Sacramento, the last Sacramento kings game played at Arco Arena Saturday April 9 2016 the kings legends were invited to the kings game and Vinny Del Negro #15 was in attendance for the game. Vinny Del Negro has head coach experience. Vinny Del Negro coached the Chicago Bulls and led them to a playoff appearance and he  coached the LA clippers and led them to a playoff appearance as well. Vinny Del Negro is a  former  Sacramento kings player and can relate to players  , I think Vinny can get this  kings team on the right track. I’m rooting for Vinny Del Negro to be the next head coach of the  Sacramento kings !





















Vinny Del Negro  as headcoach of the LA Clippers.  Del Negro led the clippers to  a playoff appearance he last coached in 2013



Vinny Del Negro





















Vinny Del Negro  former Kings player also played for the San Antonio Spurs


vinny Del Negro spurs

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