Chyna WWE great passes away RIP to Chyna

April 21, 2016

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Chyna the 9th wonder of the world. WWE great Chyna passed away yesterday April 20 2016.  Andre the Giant the 7 feet 4 in over 500 lbs one of the most dominant and strong and best  WWE champions  Andre the Giant was undefeated for years until Hulk Hogan beat him and handed Andre the Giants his first pin fall at WreslteMania 3 . Andre the Giant was also Colosssa Connection and tag team champions with  King Haku.  Andre the Giant was the 8th wonder of the world and then WWE had the 9th Wonder of the World Chyan.  Chyan was a game changer.  Chyna wrestled with the men and even beat some of the guys.  Chyna feuded with Jeff Jarrett and won the interconteintal championship. she is the only female to hold a mens old title in all of Wreslting. Chyna was friends with Triple H and at one point  dated Triple H , she was in the famous group DX !! Chyna backed up  shawn Michaels and  Triple H  and she was such a good manager. even behind the scence in real life Wreslter like Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan said Chyna was so nice to their kids  she was a good friend.  Chyna had lots of fans and respect from fans and fellow wrestlers.  She was the first women to be in the royal rumble and even had a big elimination the  World’s strongest Man Mark henry was  eliminated by Chyna in the 1999 Royal Rumble a lot of friend and family and fellow wreslters and fans are gonna miss Chyna  –   – Phillip from Galt




Chyna  the only woman to win the intercontenintal championship. Chyna was a game Changer and such a hard worker and wrestled the guys and she gave them all they could handle. RIP to Chyna




Chyna WWE interconteintal champion

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