The Sacramento kings play last game at Arco Arena Sleep train Arena Saturday April 9 2016 1988- 2016

April 14, 2016

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The Sacramento kings played their last game at Arco Arena , Sleep train arena Saturday April 9 2016  they played their 1988 – 2016 . The kings are honored past players it was really cool to see.  players who played hard and  fans loved to see their favorite kings in attendance even the team from the 2000’s  2001 2002 that went to the  playoffs against the Lakers in the western conference finals.  NBA All stars players who used to play for the kings. the kings have lot of talented and great players  current and past. some of the kings legends that were in attendance Mike Bibby from the kings playoff team in the 2000’s  Vlade Divac is the genereal mangager he was in attendance former coach  of the kings Rick Adelmen who coached the playoff teams Peja Stojakvic Scott Pollard , when the kings played in the late 90’s one of my favorite players was Olden Polynice  he was such a good big man and I thought  he played really tough and good. The kings gave the legends jerseys with their name and playing number they wore when they played for the kings . it was cool to see the players in their jerseys again and to see the legends .  Sacramento won and closed out Arco Arena with  a big win over Oaklahoma City thunder.




here are the kings legends below



Sacramento  Kings in attendance for last Kings game at Aroc Arena  1988- 2016   Vinny Del Negro and #0 Olden Polynice


olden Polynice



























here is the  Sacramento  kings playoff teams from the 2000’s Mike Bibby , Doug Christie  Bobby Jackson  Peja Stojakvic,  Vlade Divac , Scott Pollard  with their coach Rick Adelmen and their GM  Geoff Peetrie

2000 sacramento kings team

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