Kobe Bryant plays his last NBA game . The Mamba now retired ! Kobe goes for 60 points and his friends and ex - teammates com out to wish him farewell . Kobe Going out on top

April 14, 2016

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Kobe Bryant aka the Mamba now retired played his final game. Kobe played 20 great seasons in the NBA for 1 team the LA Lakers, with free agency and trades and athletes chasing money or rings  playing for 1 team is very rare in today’s sports world. Kobe stayed loyal and played for 1 team the LA Lakers. Kobe has done it all ,won MVP’s  , NBA All Star games, 1st team all  NBA.  Kobe was also  apart of a great duo one of the best duos in all of sports Kobe and Shaq  Kobe  the big play maker and hits the big shots and and Big Shaq  one of the most dominant players ever so powerful and strong and big body .There was no way to stop Shaq you just had to  get out of his way.  with Kobe and Shaq together the LA Lakers won a lot of games and  championship.

Kobe Bryant decided to retire and Kobe played 20 years in the NBA. Kobe played his last game last night  April  13 2016  . Kobe scored 60  points he was a scoring machine in his last game. what a way  to end a great NBA career. Kobe is 37 years old and he is the oldest player to score over 50 points in a game since  Michael Jordan .   All of Kobe’s friends and family came out to see Kobe. Shaq came out and  watched  Kobe’s last game , Lamar Odom who has had some personal problems with drinking and drugs was there and Kobe reached out to Lamar and has been a good friend in his time  of need. Rick Fox another team mate was there to watch Kobe.   even Jack Nicholson and  Snoop Dogg, Jay Z and other stars were out to see Kobe play one more great game. and  Kobe did not disappoint .  Congratulations  Mamba Kobe for an awesome career. Kobe is going out on top , he’s healthy , happy and  he scored 60 points in his last game that’s a lot of points scored in 1 game.
























Kobe and Shaq one of the best duos to play with each other in all sports ! they won championships  together they  each won MVP awards and finals MVP  , NBA All stars. they will always be linked together.  Hall of  fame players


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