Maddbacker Adrian Ross celebrity basketball at Sleep Train Arena June 17 2016

April 7, 2016

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Adrian Ross former NFL linebacker for the Cinncinatti Bengals the Maddbacker has his celebrity basketball  game coming up June  17 2016  at  sleep train arena. Maddbacker Adrian Ross has lots of friends from his time in the NFL and has friends from all sports and different sports , Mark Cuban the owner  of the Dallas Mavericks will be out at the game.  Also former  Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings wide reciever Bernard Berrian will be there at the  game. Berrian played in the super Bowl with the bears  he was also team mates with Lance Briggs out of Elk Gorve former linebakcker of the bears. Berrian went to high school at  Atwater high school and played high school football and baksetball . Jerry Porter former Oakland Raiders reciever will be at the game. Jerry Porter was apart of a great wide reciever group in Oakland he played with 2 hall of famers Jerry Rice and Tim Brown and went to play in the super Bowl with the  Raiders.  these are just a few celebrity players annouced more to  come . here is more information about the game.





Maddbacker Celebrity basketball game  Jerry Porter  former Raiders on the poster  , Matt Barnes former Sacramento Kings and Warriors player

Maddbacker Adrian Ross  Madbacker celebrity baskeball game 2016


































me and Adrian  Ross the Maddbacker former Bengals linebacker at a football camp in Elk Grove  Ca


Phillip and Adrian Ross Cinncinatii Bengals linebacker





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