Hot 1035 Phillip from Galt hot 1035 online radio show WrestleMania talk Shout out from Marlon Moore and Adrian Ross

April 7, 2016

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I was talking about WWE WreslteMania . and I went to a football camp in elk Grove Called Play 6o the Maddbacker my friend Adrian Ross was there former NFL  linebacker with the bengals he play high school football in Elk Grove.  He had some great tackles and played hard , a hard hitter

I also got at Shout out from  Marlon Moore from the Cleveland Browns he plays wide reciever  #15 of the Browns. Marlon is from Sacramento  too

I went to St. Patricks day event Hot 1035 at  Double Nickle in Elk Grove and J .Sutta she used to sing with the Pussy cat dolls . she gave me a radio shout out she has a close birthday to mine too. J sutta has her song called forever check it out and all the songs


check it out


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Me and Adrian Ross Maddbacker linebacker for the Bengals  at play 60 football camp

Phillip and Adrian Ross Cinncinatii Bengals linebacker



















me and Marlon Moore NFL Wide reciever Cleveland Browns


Phillip and Marlon Moore cleveland browns



















J Sutta has a song called forever she used to sing with the Pussy Cat dolls and now she sings on here own

J Sutta 3




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