WWE WrestleMania 32 preview / predictions my favorite wrestleMania moments and matches and Sting & Snoop Dogg to be inducted in the WWE Hall of fame 2016

April 2, 2016

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WrestleMania 32












WrestleMania 32 coming  up this  Sunday. I have a few predictions.  Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose  no holds barred. No DQ no rules is gonna be awesome .  Recently Dean received gifts from Mick foley   a wrapped barbed wire baseball bat and  Chainsaw Charlie  Terry  Funk gave Dean Ambrose a chainsaw .  Dean Ambrose is intense and he is fun crazy I think he is gonna use that baseball bat that Mick foley gave him I am picking Dean Ambrose to win !
















For the Divas Match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair and  Beck Lynch the Lass Kicker. I think Becky Lynch will win she is motivated and she will kick LASS at WreslteMania



Becky Lynch WWE



















In the Andre the Giant memorial battle Royal  I think Kane or the Big Show Mark Henry could win. Kane has been one of the best Big men and has been in WWE for so much time and has championships of every kind there is to win . winning the Battle Royal and the Andre the Giant battle Royal would be another great accomplishment in Kane’s career.

The Big show  has won all the championships in the WWE and last year he won the battle Royal he will want to repeat and win the Battle Royal again  2 Andre the Giant trophies would be awesome to win for the Big Show.

Mark  Henry is another big man that would be great to win the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal.  Mark Henry has won the World heavyweight championship and he is one the strongest and best and has been Wrestling in WWE for a great career .  He might take the WrestleMania battle Royal in his home State of  Texas



















Big Show Andre the Giant memorial battle royal winner Wrestlemania 31 winner












kane tag team champions














Mark henry wwe
















Undertaker vs Shane McMahon Shane  O’ Mac . I think Shane is gonna find a way to beat the Undertaker. I want to see  what wrestling moves and high risk moves Shane will do. Shane put his body on the line and give it his all because he wants everybody to see the best match and performance. Shane might jump off or  leap of the hell in the cell
















Roman Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE championship .   I think Roman Reigns is gonna superman  punch Triple H and he is gonna earn respect and he is gonna bring it to Triple H.  Roman Reigns will be the new WWe championship .





Roman Reigns WWE champion belt 2











some of my favorite WrestleMania moments were WrestleMania 7 . I like When Hulk Hogan wrestled Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania 7 and  Hulk Hogan was wrestling and represented USA and Was wrestling Sgt. Slaughter a former Marine and he was on G.I. Joe Cartoon and was always the American hero until he became and Iraqi Sympathizer when we were in the gulf war this was a heated and person wrestling match.  in the End Hulk Hogan came up Victorious and  won the WWF  belt back for the USA and Hulkamania was running wild. Hulk Hogan dropped the big leg on Sgt. Slaughter !





Hulk Hogan vs Sgt Slaughter

















I also  like when the Big Boss Man wrestled  Mr . Perfect. during the match  Andre the Giant came out after bobby the Brain Heenan and the Heenan family kicked Andre the Giant. Andre was back and came after  Bobby the Brain Heenan and even knocked Mr. Perfect out at one point. when the rest of the Heenan family interfered Andre the Giant helped even the odds with the Big Boss man and  took out the heenan family. This was Andre the Giant’s last WrestleMania .




Andre_The_Giant  wrestleMania 7














Also the Retirement  Match at  WrestleMania 7 between Ultimate Warrior and the Macho Man Macho king Randy Savage was back and forth .  Ultimate  Warrior and Ultimate Warrior put it all on the line and gave each other all they could handle in the end the Ultimate Warrior was just a little better that day and  won the match !  in  the end  after the match  Macho Man’s manager Sensational Sherri was so mad and turned on the Macho Man and started to  attack  Macho Man. in the crowd was Miss Elizabeth the Macho Man Randy Savage’s ex manager and love interest.  Miss Elizabeth came from the crowd and stopped the attack on the Macho Man from Sensational Sherri and Miss Elizabeth and Mach Man were reunited one of the best moments.




WrestleMania 7  Macho Man vs the Ultimate Warrior














Ultimate Warrior  pinning the macho Man at wresltemania 7



































I also like WrestleMania 9 it was in Las Vegas at  Cesars Palace . It was Jim Ross’s first WWE Pay Per View announcing .   Who could forget 2  Doinks played a trick and beat crush

















doink attacks crush wrestlemania 9
















The Undertaker  is a big tall big man at 6 feet 10in  Undertaker wasn’t usually a smaller wrestler in the match and the Undertakers presence and the aura  but he wrestled the 8 feet tall Giant Gonzalez . The Giant Gonzales and his manager Harvey Wippleman saw how dominant and how awesome Undertaker was and Undertaker is the deadman and its hard to stop him and he doesn’t feel that much pain he would just rise up again so Harvey Whippleman and Giant Goznalez stooped low and cheated and put a cloth soaked in chloroform. Undertaker was being stretchered out of the Arena from passing out from the chloroform  but  when he was half way out  Undertaker go up and went back to the ring to beat Giant Gonzalez up and Undertaker threw the Giant Gonzalez out of the ring this was the Undertaker’s 3rd WrestleMania victory !


















Undertaker Wrestlemania  9















I like When Hulk Hogan came out to check on his friend Bret the hitman Hart after Yokozuna and Mr Fuji threw salt in Bret the hitman hart’s eye Yokozuna cheated and became the new WWE champion Hulk  Hogan was  challenge by Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna to come in to the ring and  they said Yokozuna would defend the  WWE championship that he just won ! Bret the hitman Hart told Hulk Hogan to go for. Hulk Hogan hit a big leg on Yokozuna and wont the WWE / WWF belt. it was awesome to see a surprise match and Hulk Hogan to become to the champion again .


Hulk Hogan wins the WWF belt at Wresltemania 9















WrestleMania  31 last year  in Levis Stadium home of the 49ers in Santa Clara was awesome. I was in attendance with my friend Bradley.  We went to WrestleMania  Axxess and met wrestling stars  Like Rowdy Roddy Piper , Mark Henry  Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Vader and more. .  some of my favorite matches were when John Cena  gave  Rusev the STF move and attitude adjustment and  won the United  States belt. John Cena got the first pin on Rusev in WWE in a singles match.



WrestleMania Axxess March 29 2015  me Phillip from Galt and Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Vader


















I liked the Triple H vs Sting mathc . it was  Sting’s  first WWE official match. Sting is legendary  he beat all the top wrestlers like Hulk Hogan , Kurt Angle , Ric  Flar i. Sting made it to the WWE.   Triple H ‘s buddies DX interfered in the match but Sting had friends watching his  back the NWO  Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.  it was NWO  vs DX  .it was so exciting   to see the two groups go at it .


Wrestlemania 31 Levis stadium santa clara  Sting v Triple h March 29 2015  Kevin Nash Sting Hulk Hogan Scott Hall NWO run in for sting against DX












The Undertaker match was awesome .it was cool to see the Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 and come back after Brock Lesnar the Streak at WreslteMania 30.  Undertaker wrestled Bray Wyatt and Undertaker proved why he is the Phemom at WrestleMania and beat Bray Wyatt .



undertaker vs bray wyatt  wrestlemania 31















Then in the Main event after Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns beat the heck out of each other  here comes Seth Rollins and cashes in the money in the bank and wins the  WWE championship. Rollins became the first wrestler to cash in money in the back at  WrestleMania and win the WWE championship belt at wrestlemania .


Seth Rollins cashing in money in the bank wrestlemania 31














seth-rollins wwe champion wrestlemania















WWE  WrestleMania Hall of fame  2016


in the 2016 Hall of famer Sting the great WCW champion and he was champion in TNA impact and he was a WCW Champion with Lex Luger. Sting has 2 of the best wresting movies the scorpion death lock like a sharp shooter, The Stinger Splash  and  the scorpion death drop. Sting has wrestled and beat some of Wrestling’s best like Hulk Hogan,  Ric Flair, the  Macho Man , Scott Steiner , The Big Show. Sting was always loyal to the WCW when he wrestled for the company  Sting is  class act and had a great and outstand career  . congratulations on The WWE Hall of fame  Sting


sting WCW champion

















in the Celebrity wing of  the WWE Hall of fame, is rapper , producer, emcee, actor and entertainer  Snoop Dogg.  Snoop Dogg has hosted  WWE Monday night  Raw and WWE Smackdown, he even mixed it up in the ring and had confrontations  with wrestlers like Santino Marella and Curtis Axel .  Some of Snoop Dogg’s songs have been used on WWE TV for pay perview and Snoop Dogg rapped on a WWE cd.  Congratulations Snoop Dogg on the WWE hall of famer  2016



















snoop dogg
























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