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March 24, 2016

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so we all have favorite player we like and root for. sometimes we associate that favorite player with a team they have had success with and won championships with . but sometimes we see or favorite player go to another team because they got cut or were free agents or because they got traded.  here are some of the players it was strange to see in another jersey


Jerry Rice was on the 49ers and won 3 super Bowls, he is the all time leading reciever and in touchdown and recieving yards he went to pro bowls he was Mr. 49er. then the 49ers saw jerry Rice getting older and they had  Terrell Owens and they let Jerry Rice go .  Jerry Rice went to the Oakland Raiders and had success with the Raiders he caught touchdowns from Rich Gannon and the Raiders and Jerry Rice and Rich Gannon and Tim Brown led  the  Raiders to  the Super Bowl.Jerry Rice went to the pro bowl . it was good to see Jerry Rice in the in the silver & black . then Jerry Rice was let Go by the Raiders  and went to the Seattle  Seahwaks . it was  strange to see  Jerry Rice in the Seahawks jersey  .



Jerry Rice 49ers


















Jerry Rice Seattle Seahwaks















Brett Favre a great quarterback played with a lot of heart he had longivity and played for  a lot of years he lead the Green Bay Packers to  the Super Bowl . Brett Favre  beat every team in the league he has a victory in all NFL  stadiums except for Levis stadium because that was after Brett Favre played.  Brett Favre was let Go by the Packers and went to  the Jets. it was strange to see Brett Favre in the Jets uniform .


Brett Favre Green Bay Packers

















Brett Favre Jets






















Ronnie Lott one of the hardest hitting players of all time won 4 super bowl with the 49ers made pro bowls with the 49ers a feared and respected player. when Ronnie left the 49ers went to  the LA Raiders at the time it was different to see  Ronnie Lott in the Silver and Black




Ronnie-lott 49ers












































Barry Bonds played for the Pittsuburgh Pirates and then played for the San Francisco  Giants. Barry Bonnds is the All time home run leader the home run king . he broke Hank Aaron’s record  .  Barry Bonds went to all star games and when we think of Barry Bonds hitting homeruns we think of him wearing the San Francisco  orange and black  Giants, and hitting splash homerun at AT&T park in McCovey Cove.  Now Barry bonds is the new hitting coach for the  Florida Marlins. Kinda strange to see Barry Bonds in a Marlins uniform !




Barry Bonds San Francisco  Giants

















Barry Bonds florida Marlins


















Emmitt Smith was a great Dallas Cowboys player.Emmitt Smith helped  the Cowboys win a few super bowls.  Emiitt has the all time rushing yards record . Emmitt has a lot of touchdown with the cowboys and Pro bowls and super Bowls.  After he left the Cowboys it was strange to  see him play for the Cardinals .



Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys

















Emmitt Smith






















Michael Jordan one of the best basketball players a basketball legend was apart of the Chicago Bulls teams and lead the bulls along with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman to 6 NBA world championship Michael  Jordan went to All star games and won the dunk contest as a member or the Bulls. Jordan helped the Bulls have one of the best season ever and with tbe best record and most win.  Michael Jordan went and took a break from basketball and while he took a break he was trying to persue a career as a baseball player that didn’t work out and back to basketball Michael Jordan came. after Michael Jordan left the bulls he played for the Washington Wizards that was a strange jersey to see  Michael Jordan in  a baseball uniform and see him in different jersey other than the bulls




Micahel Jordan Bulls














Michael Jordan





















Michael Jordan Wizrds



























Shaquille O’ Neal one of the best big man centers to ever play.  when I think  of Shaq I remember him coming in to the league and playing for the  Orlando Magic. Shaq had success with the Magic he led them to the playoffs and he would slam dunk and would tear down and break the backboards down. Shaq went to the La Lakers and helped the Lakers win 3 NBA world Championships. Shaq and Kobe were a great duo Kobe was Mr. Clutch and could hit game winning and big  shots. Shaq is just so powerful and strong there is no way to stop him . When Shaq Slam dunks you just have a get out of the way you can’t stop him. it was weird to see Shaq finish his career with the Boston Celtics  in a  Celtics uniform that looked strange  .



Shaq and Kobe














shaq La Lakers Slam dunk





























Shaq Celtics















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