My Memories of Arco Arena aka Sleep Train Arena . Last Kings game April 9 2016

March 24, 2016

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come fall 2016 the Golden 1 arena will be open.  a lot of events and Certainly kings games will now be at Golden 1 Center. King will play at Golden 1 center downtown Sacramento fall 2016 WWE and Circus and concerts will us the arena too . lots of entertainment . I wanted to share some of my Arco Arena memories there has been lots of Kings games  playoff games, remember the kings and Lakers battled in 2000 and 2001 and 2002 in the playoffs  I’m talking about when Shaq and Kobe played for the Lakers and the kings had Chris Webber , Vlade Divac , Mike Bibby , Peja Stoyakavich , bobby Jackson, Dou Christie .  WWE Wrestling has also been here . WWE had a royal rumble ppv  , Bash at the Beach Monday Night  Raw and WWE Smackdown. lots of great wrestlers have been at Arco Arena Hulk Hogan Bill Goldberg Booker  T Kurt Angle  Triple H . Also UFC and WEC Cagefighting has been at Arco Arena .  Urijah Faber Sacramento’s own fought at WEC fighting championship had a fight at arco  arena and  he had a big win .











here are some of my favorite memories at Arco Arena , Going to WWE Raw and smackdown and meeting Wrestlers  . I met Roman Reigns in  2015 Roman Reigns is a WWE  world heavy weight champion he will be fighting  Triple h at this years WrestleMania for the WWE championship .Roman Reigns was is so nice he is one of the best  champions he is one of the best and strongest wrestlers .


Phillip and roman Reigns























Phillip at WWE wrestling Arco Arena


















I like after the games I go by where the players come out and I have friends from the radio stations and they cover the kings Deuce  MoMo and Sports and Jason Ross they work at the sports talk radio station and my friend  Richard works kings games at the arena. I wait to get autographs from players and coaches  and I wait to say hi to my friends Deuce MoMo and Jason Ross and Richard  then I walk them all to safety to their cars and make sure they made it safe to their car . they are my good friends


phillip richard Jason Ross Momo and Deuce

















I got to play basketball and shoot some hoops at Arco Arena on the kings court. Mike Tavares started the grass roots movement group crown downtown which helped the kings get their new arena and they went to city council meetings and also helped save the kings and not move Crown downtown showed that the Sacramento kings had a lot of fan support they went to NBA league meeting and told owners not to vote for relocation .  The Sacramento Kings organization let the fans play on the court. it was pretty fun this is  me and my friend Mike Tavares



me Phillip with Mike Tavares























me Phillip playing basketball on the kings court


















I’ve also met some kings players after games . I met  coach Jerry Reynolds he used to coach the Sacramento  kings  and is the tv announcer for the kings. I met Shaq when he came to a kings game  these are some of my favorite and good meomories at Arco Arena


me and Jerry Reynold former Sacramento kings coach and  kings  tv announcer

me Phillip with Jerry Reynolds



















Sacramento king Arco arena


















Shaq at the kings game







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