Oakland Raiders are on the Rise ! look out for the Raider Nation.

March 17, 2016

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I was thinking of a team on the Rise a team that will be really good and that will improve . in 2016 The Oakland Raiders  are gonna make some Nosie. their coach Jack Del Rio has them on the right track. Coach Jack Del Rio relates to the players because he was a player and has been a coach for many year his experience is what the Raiders need. and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. is also another coach with tons of experience Ken Norton Jr. was apart of 2 winning team the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. Ken Norton Jr.  won 2 super Bowls with the Cowboys and 1 super bowl with the 49ers and as a coach won a super  bowl with Seattle while on Pete Caroll’s coaching staff. Ken Norton has a lot of energy and pumps up his players and know what it takes to win.

The Raiders offensive line is gonna be  awesome . The Raiders signed  Kelechi Osemele from the Ravens he is a big offensive linemen and can protect the quarterback good and Donald Penn was resigned by the Raiders, Penn is a leader and has been awesome at offensive line for the Raiders.  Rodney Hudson was really awesome at center and brought some more good protection for quarterback Derek Carr. Derek Carr should be really happy he will be protected well this season .

at running back Latavius Murray has been an awesome running back and he can get that big run and yardage  . at wide receiver the Raiders have Michael Crabtree ,Crabtree played with a chip on his shoulder like he was playing with something to prove. Crabtree is a big play maker . hoefully Crabtree plays great again this season. Amari Cooper was awesome and is gonna continue  to be a really good wide receiver and is a play maker and is gonna be that big play maker to help the Raiders win  .

on defense Khalil Mack is a beast he is a play maker and causes opposing offenses and opposing quarterbacks a lot of problems the Raiders also added Bruce Irvin at linebacker this reunites him with Ken Norton Jr . defensive coordinator . The Raiders have a lot of good playmaker on offense and defense this team is gonna win .  and at  quarterback Derek Carr is improving he has what it takes to win . Carr is always looking to see what he can improve and what he can correct in his game his is a team leader and hungry to win . The Raiders are gonna win a lot  this year. The Raiders are on the Rise.!



The Raiders are on the Rise !

Oakland Raiders logo
















Derek Carr Raiders quarterback is hungry to win and Carr is a leader and continues to get better each year

Derek Carr














Amari Cooper and Crabtree wide receiver 2 big play makers are gonna catch a lot of touchdown and help the Raiders win games

Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree




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