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February 25, 2016

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I saw Jim Harbaugh on WWE Monday night Raw this past Monday. Jim Harbaugh the former head coach of the 49ers and took the 49ers to the super bowl Jim Harbaugh was a quarterback for the  Indianapolis Colts and for the Chicago Bears.  Harbaugh known for his firery personality was pumped up !!  He was waving his hand in the air getting the  WWE Monday Night Raw crowd pumped up. something else so cool was he was wearing his coaching gear the current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines he is an alumni former Michigan quarterback also. Harbaugh was in his Michigan hat and long sleeved Michigan shirt how cool  Harbaugh sporting his coaches gear. Maybe Jim Harbaugh can be a special guest WWE Referee too. Jim Harbaugh would be great at WWE Referee , he wouldn’t take anybody’s attitude I could see him getting in someone’s face ! Come on WWE have Jim Harbaugh come to be a WWE guest referee   that would be great


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Another huge WWE Wrestling fan is Shaquille O’Neal he is friends with Hulk Hogan and even was in his corner for a WCW Championship match and was he special guest enforcer at WCW and Shaq also  hosted WWE Monday Night Raw and got Physical with Big Show and had a stare down with the Big Show and even knocked  the Big show off his feet !


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It always cool to see who likes WWE  and which sports stars  and celebrities  like going to the wrestling matches  and see them enjoy wrestling like me too.







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